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Originally Posted by KennyCiel View Post
I'll be going >3<
Ahah...I'll be wearing some terribly hot cosplays and possibly will lose a few pounds of water weight like I did at AFest~
Uhm ya ... as great as that sounds i think imma keep looking lol But at this point almost anything woud be better than Miss Caterina Sforza! XD

Originally Posted by BumblebeeMituna View Post
Yeah gotta be careful of what you choose! xD I remember one year I thought it would be a great idea to be Nobu from did not end well. >>;;
Ya another Idea i had that wasnt all the big gown and killer layers was Aveline from assassins creed but then i thought well thats still kinda layers???? maybe i could adjust it so its not so many layers????

Originally Posted by Sailor Moon View Post
I'll be going! ^_^

What Are going to be Cosplaying AS!!!???! XD
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