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Here's an update....Wow this place is horrible. I have never been so angry with one of these places.
So they said the reason it looks different than the images was "we got a new dressmaker who makes it different".
Bitch I didn't pay for different, I paid for what you picture on the fucking website! If you aren't going to make it to look the same as the images on your site, then don't use those images. This isn't rocket science or something..
Then the pieces of human trash only want to give me $40 now. They think that's acceptable? How dare they treat people this way. Originally they wanted to give me only 30%, which is $42, so basically their only offer is about $40. On a cosplay $100 more expensive than that (the cosplay was $139.99), and that's not including shipping.

Basically they are saying "you don't deserve to be sent the item you paid for. Customers are not important to us in the slightest. Your happiness with your purchase means nothing to us".

These are horrible people, and they deserve to be shut down and arrested for what they do, seeing as what they have already done is illegal in the first place. If you do not send me the item I paid for, then refuse to fix the problem, that's ripping customers off, and is illegal.
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