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Originally Posted by NeikoRae View Post
Now... I think I need some advice... I've been looking at many pictures of the costumes I'm trying to do but the more I see the more I feel I have the wrong colored matterial (at this point Im not going for type of material since I have a limited selection) the hardest to figure are Arya's pants in the sword training scenes at times they look blue and then in others grey. I thought I had a good material/ color but now I'm not too sure
its a denim material and originally I was going to use the darker side but now im thinking the lighter side... if even any thoughts?
Can't remember but is it possible Arya's pants seem darker when she's indoor?
I'd say go with which color you like better, just be consistent. I think that using wool or linen would be better.

Found my usb cord and got a photo of my Lyanna costume while on the Iron Throne.
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