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Intricate/Complicated costumes

^^ Ah, my first time to wander into this part of the forum instead of the 'Armour, Props, Accessories' part.

So here's my predicament. Me, my sister, her boyfriend, and a coworker of mine, Janine, are all going to NYCC 2013. I'm going as No-Face (froggy-mode: aka after he's eaten everyone), my sister's going as some girl Tali form Mass Effect and her boyfriend's going as Rintarou (sp?) from Steins Gate anime. Janine, however, has not chosen her costume yet. And after going about a million Google searches, trying to find a character for her to go as, I've found that she's quite picky. ;P

She's been cosplaying WAY WAY longer then any of us have and she apparently LOVES to challenge herself by doing the most damnable intricate, complicated costume she can think of. She's done a bunch of Final Fantasy costumes (including Minerva, Bahamut, and one of the summons that can turn herself into a motorcycle of some sort (they're twins, I just can't remember their names ^^ sorry) and a couple Guilty Gear and Guild Wars characters.

So after a ton of research we've found that generally the really complicated costumes are in video games. And we've zeroed in on a couple choices below:
(she'd do Carmilla for the shoes alone, methinks 0_o things are in-sane!)

But I thought I'd check in here first and see if you guys here have any other complicated/ intricate/lots of details costumed female characters that might finally stump her ^^;
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