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Ion: I am looking for a good pair of contacts for my Serah Farron (reference photo)cosplay. As I stated above, I own the Ice Blue Venus lenses, but as you can see HERE they don't cover my brown iris all the way. Do you have any good recommendations for blue powered lenses that will opaque out a medium brown eye color? (That don't cost an arm and a leg? lol!) Thanks in advance!!
I love DollyEye blue lenses which are $20ish a pair. They are quite vibrant. I have not tried Acuvue 2 Opaque blue lenses but they also look like they have a good amount of coverage and are really vibrant, I know they have been recommended before too. Both are offered in powers, are highly pigmented, and the Acuvue lenses tend to run less than $30/box, I think they may be good options to look into.

@HEYOashley: ColorMax Aqua or Blue lenses are pretty out there in terms of color, especially when flash photography is used. You might also like Crystal Blue lenses (same as the i.Fairy lenses), G&G GBT Blue lenses, or some of the offerings at YouKnowIt that seem more geared to clubbing/cosplay (there are a ton of them actually). Hope these links give you some things to mull over. If not, I am sure someone else will step up with other great ideas for you!
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