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Thank you so much for the critique guys!

Originally Posted by Rander View Post
Photo #1:The composition is interesting, but what are the characters doing? It seems kind of random. If you just had Kaworu (I think) sitting down in the shot that would be good.
The idea was based on the anime series, where in most official art the characters aren't looking at each other, but staring out into the unknown. Different version of their costumes but like so:

Originally Posted by Rander View Post
Photo #2:I think that this is a good set of pictures. The whole set looks a little desaturated, but I don't know if that was intended. I think the next step would be to add interesting shadows instead of lighting everyone evenly. There is a little bit of that going on in the first photo. Here are some examples (not mine)
I should have probably explained. These are meant to be product placement/advertisement pictures. Ideally they would have all been identical lighting wise, but it didn't work out that way unfortunately. We didn't have access to a backdrop/lighting rig to make it even.

All the photos in the set were desaturated/muted on purpose.

Originally Posted by Rander View Post
Photo #3: I like it except the fence, its distracting. The foreground focus is good and you have good bokeh.

Hope this helps.
Thank you very much!

Originally Posted by Ashurachan View Post
#1 has a nice concept, but you should have played with depth even more, and pushed the concept "everyone's looking in a different direction". Asuka and Shinji are too similar (and Asuka is partially hidden behind Shinji, which breaks the effect a bit).
I would have moved Kaworu closer to the camera, and probably Shinji too, and I'd have gotten him closer to the center, facing the camera and looking in its direction (but not at it).
Also, the sky looks a bit flat, I'd use a graduated filter to darken it, and give it more texture.
#1: Yeah I realised I was hidden. Unfortunately the versions of this shot where I'm not hidden there were people walking across the bridge. If we could take it again, I'd definitely stand further up the bridge. I'd also stop our Shinji from standing like such a dork and yeah, turning him towards the camera probably would have been a good idea.

Thanks for your critique!
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