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New to the scene, got a project, looking for some tips/hints/help

Not to contradict the sticky, but I am looking to put together a Cosplay of this boy who happens to be VG related, but my request is material options/DIY related, so I assume this is fine to post?

Somewhat okay description of his layers near the bottom.

Another view:

I'm not so much concerned with his eyes(contacts), hair(wig) and the guns (mp5k airsoft), though his layers of tops, pants, backside pistol holsters, and boots definitely irk a newbie like myself.

I will most definitely hitup the marketplace for a jacket commission, and if it becomes to be problematic, the superduper studded popped collar undershirt. The black hoody shouldn't be an issue, so I'll look into it myself, but I will return if it turns into an issue.

Thoughts on recreating the pants? At this time a pair of black jeans wider than my general size to start and getting them tailored to be poofy(?) is what I had in mind... the zippers and other such minor details I would love input on as well, especially if it's something a greenhorn can do.

I should be able to hunt down some boots that are similar, but thoughts on those would be magnificent. Only underlying issue is being comfortable walking around in them for hours, but that's a personal problem.

I am not against throwing money to solve my woes, but anything DIY you think is within reason, hit me, I don't mind learning!
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