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Photographer Ken AD Available - Holiday Matsuri (Dec 14th-16th) - Orlando, FL

For those unfamiliar with my work please check out my following websites FlickR

Holiday Matsuri 2012 Rates
$16 1-2 People
$20 3-4 People
$24 5-6 People

*If your group is larger than 6 please contact me to work out details.

Due to previous demands and conflicts I may be limiting the number of shoots per person/group.

Sessions generally run about 30-45 minutes or as I would like to say "When we're done"

Payment is to be delivered upon meeting up, but I am willing to accept payment in advance if that is more convenient. If you have canceled on me in the past during or just prior to a convention on two occasions then you will have to pay in advance.

Following the convention I will provide the photos within a month following via FlickR pro, FaceBook and E-Mail. I edit all of my photos with great care to give a natural and unique look to each individual photo. I usually will provide high resolution/watermark free upon request with no extra charge, but due to the large file sizes this usually takes more time.

- Posing -
Having poses beforehand is not necessary, but is encouraged to ensure a larger number of photos. It is expected that you are will be familiar with your character enough so that we can collaborate a fitting motivation for each shot. Also please check your costume prior to shooting to avoid any loose pieces, or anything turned inside out. The less post work for me, the faster I can provide the photos for you.

- Location -
Location is also very important and having some ideas on this will allow more time for photos. Being familiar with your character you should be able to pick areas that would be appropriate. I will however be scouting the area during the convention.

- Lighting -
I prefer to shoot with natural lighting, but I am now able to provide external lighting which is necessary for shooting at night or in darker areas. If this is ideal for you then please be mindful of any rules that may or may not prohibit the use of the set up. Using proper flash photography can also be more time consuming so be aware that the amount of photos provided may be less than 20, but no less than 10.

Good Location: Isolated place at twilight with the city in the background
Bad Location: The convention hallway

- Signing Up -
If you are interested please contact me via private message or e-mail to reserve a spot. Be sure to list preferred time(s) and your tentative costume plans.

Ken AD Photography
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