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I have it drawn out if you wanna see the planning stage. xD the corset and skirt are from ebay. then I decided to add pauldrons and some gauntlets because I realized it's gonna be flippin' cold and I should have as much skin covered as possible. So I guess now it'd be more of a Steampunk!Lady Loki because of the skirt and gold/bronze armor.

And I managed to get my friend to do Steampunk!Lady Thor with me so people don't go 'wat?' when they see just me. XD That's the colorscheme and basic outline. Ignore the shitty coloring job on the skin and hair and the horrendous pose; the clothes are what's important. and those are the details blown up. 8D too lazy to color it right now, but the previous pic should give you a good idea of what it looks like.

I was thinking of doing a steampunk tesseract staff, but I dunno if I have enough time to do that/mess with LEDs for the glowstick of destiny part. XD
Steampunk!Lady Loki

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