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Originally Posted by BlackroseHunter View Post
If you want to see how the jist of how my dress design is, feel free to look. That was a while ago though, and it's almost complete now, Star and all, and even got my sheild!

I have no clue about the hotel either, but anytime is fine for me. Will we have a shoot for each day? or just one of the days? This is my 1st con, I'm just really excited!
I can see how this dress is gonna be awesome sauce! 8D

Why are all the cons moving all of a sudden? Like AnimeUSA USED to be the same place as Katsucon, but then Katsucon moved to the marriot and later to the gaylord (nice hotel lemme tell ya) and now AUSA moved to the marriot. WHAT IS THIS MADNESS?
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