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My understandings of the jist of cosplay is dressing up as someone (maybe even something like Pocky) and just having fun, considering that cosplay is just 'costume' and 'play' combined into one.
Sewing can be tricky at first (I broke a few sewing machines before I actually got lessons and learnt how to sew properly), so I'd recommend seeing if you know anyone who could teach you how to sew, and practicing on spare fabric. Fabric stores and some thrift stores usually sell patterns that you could alter for you cosplay.
You can buy material for cosplay almost anywhere, including thrift stores and craft stores.
And don't worry, there are no such thing as stupid questions. Atleast that's what one of my favourite teachers would always say, so it must be true!
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*I want to wait for the braces process to be over and stuff (relatively in two years) so yeah... in the future.
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