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Originally Posted by avalonL View Post
Awesome, just stumbled on this post on here, and signed up on the website. Thank you! I have been looking for a group of Twi'lek costumers.. found much information on there already. Been trying to make my own leekus for some time... thanks again!
If you're searching for a lekku, contact Pam. I'm not entirely sure what her username over on that forum is (thought I think it has "Pam" in it), but everyone over there should know her so just ask if you can't find her. Many Twi'lek costumers buy their lekku from her, and she does a superb job. I've seen her work in person and I can say that her lekku look great.

I forgot that someone already linked to Pam's website. Oops. :P

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