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Good evening lovelies, looking for one or two more roommates. Only floor is available. There will be snacks and soda available. (There may even be hot food some nights.)

The cost for one is 105 and for two is 185.

The hotel is the LAX Marriott, low floor and wheelchair access. The room is not "stuffed", and we're all very lax people. It will also likely be poolside, as I booked the room with the original batch of people.

You will get one room key.

We ask you be clean, quiet, and respect everyone and everything in the room. Don't steal or cause problems, I don't want to throw people out, you know? If you snore loud, you probably want to look elsewhere. Smoking is illegal and will not be tolerated, same goes for illicit drug use.

Also, you must have a badge. I don't want room lurkers. Is an anime convention..

If you're interested message me here on I'm not a big meanie, promise. C: (Were all lax people)
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