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@Tulipe: That's very true. It's like... when you feel a certain way about something, the opposite happens.

I remember that part. I thought Billy looked really cool actually. :-D Yeah, Kang said that Billy died in Latveria to get Iron Lad to go save him... even though it seems that it wasn't necessary.

Oooh, okay. I see that now and, whoa, she did look quite different. o_O;; Verrry awkward indeed.

Yeah, after the success of the Avengers, maybe we'll get a consistent Hulk for once? Haha. My roommate was pretty disappointed that Edward Norton didn't reprise the role. Well, here's to hoping that it will all work out. ;-)

It was in the 90's cartoon that she had Ms. Marvel in her head. I think she was portrayed a bit younger in Evolution. I enjoyed that version of Wanda too, actually. xD I think that take on the character is a lot more fun. Gotta love the little shits. ;-D

Well, I suppose in some alternate universes, there will be versions of the characters that are drastically different. XD But I'm quite excited for #8 now despite the scary solicit for JiM readers. Because I wonder if there is an alternate universe where the ending to JiM was different. Or maybe the ending was the same in all universes, that would be interesting too... /blahblahblah

Oh, I bet! (ouo) And that's a shame but... who knows? There might be somewhere out there that just hasn't been found yet. and I can't wait either. (~ouo)~ I feel like it's going to be so much fun. I have a hard time seeing him on the team in the long run, to be honest. :C But I guess we'll see. Doesn't seem like something that would be easy to forget. ;-)

Ah, I see. That's good. Though, not sure if I'd be good for that kind of thing. I used to role play and stuff, but I think I suck at it.
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