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The weapon in question is an electric airsoft M4 rifle. It has the orange tip, but its a pretty well made gun with some metal parts, making it kinda heavy, almost realistically heavy. Plus I don't want to glue it up because I paid quite a bit for it, and also because I'm using it in fan films I produce. I thought I could probably keep it in a large cheap bag and then once I'm in the convention hall I can just fold the bag up and put it in the buttpack I have. But if there is a weapons check in will they pick it up and play with it to see if it can still operate, or will they just look for the orange tip and wave me through?

Lunar Dragon- Thats awesome you're bringing Samus! We should get some Snake VS Samus pics taken lol. I'm bringing the Plisskin disguise he wears in MGS2. I dunno if thats in Smash Brothers Brawl or not.
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