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Originally Posted by Dragonrage
I know there were a lot of good experiances but I'm curious of people's bad experiance. My bad experiance was the hotel room we got, it was ghettolious as a room mate put it. We had old moldy yogurt in out ice buckets, holes in out molding and walls. Lights unplugged and a broken bed. Every time i touched metal I got shocked. When the elevators were backed up I took the stairs and fell down a few flights, Good thing my vinyl Keiichi jacket was a bit tough to take a lot of the blows. I accidently stepped on a few cosplayers dressed and ended up ripping them a bit.. I feel so horrible... That was my bad experiance.
Geez, that's rough..where did you stay?? I hope it wasn't the Park Plaza Hotel - that place seems to swanky to sport such a reportoire! I am sure the cosplayers will understand..lil rips are easy enough to repair, and it could be the catalyst they were waiting for to bust out a new costume! ^^

I can't really think of a bad experience..paying T fare is always a bad experience. It's so expensive nowadays..
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