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Wig Review: Fantasy Sheep

I figured I would put this here since I know a lot of people who use FS and are repeat customers.

ebay store:
taobao shop:
wholsale shop:
international retailer:

In my experience with Fantasy Sheep/yoitsukizuna, it's pretty much a hit or miss with them regarding quality and customer service. I bought my first wig from them several years ago via their ebay store. I fell in love with the great quality and the fast shipping, and when my friends introduced me to their shop on taobao, I swore by them because of the huge variety of styles and colors, and the cheap prices.

Pros of Fantasy Sheep (taobao):
Through their taobao shop, FS will ship internationally via EMS. Their wigs are about 60% cheaper on taobao than their ebay store, so it is common and recommended that if you'd like to purchase from them, that you do a group order and order several wigs and split the shipping to the US among the participants. I've hosted and participated in several group orders all with great success.

Pros of Fantasy Sheep (ebay):
Their ebay shop is very easy to navigate, and carries a good variety of what they have in stock.

Cons of Fantasy Sheep (taobao):
Generally difficult to navigate (site is in Chinese and they change the layout of their store constantly).

Cons of Fantasy Sheep (ebay):
Wigs and accessories are 60% more expensive via the ebay store. I'm not sure how recent it is, but a tumblr user recently received word that they do not stock to their ebay store anymore, even though the store says that they do.

In regards to customer service, I will say that there is a huge language barrier. Short clipped sentences are what you should send, and are what you will receive from them. Longer sentences tend to be misinterpreted.

In my most recent order (which has not arrived yet) I had no problems with communication, up until there was a mix-up at the post office when my package arrived to the states. I had been living in another state at the time and made this order with a friend. A couple days before the package arrived, family issues came up and I had to move back home. My former roommate (aforementioned friend) failed to pick the package up from the post office, and by the time she even made it there, the package had been mailed back to China.

There were no issues when I emailed Fantasy Sheep, warned them that my package was being sent back to them, and agreed to send money to pay for return shipping to my new address when it arrived back to them. That was when communication was cut off. I followed the tracking of my package and when tracking said it had been returned and signed for, I sent FS my new address and the money to cover return shipping.

After one month, there was no package, and no word from FS. I emailed again, and the only response I got was 'not come back yet,' in those words only. I figured I would wait a couple more weeks because of international shipping, and tracking number errors (run into them all the time). Another month goes by, and at this point it is nearing three months since the beginning of this order, and there is literally no response from FS despite constant emails from me asking about updates regarding my package. I decide I've had enough of the lack of communication and demand a refund for the entire order, including the money for new shipping. Still no response over the next two weeks even though I have sent one email repeating my demand for every day that has passed. Still no communication.

On November 2nd, I finally got a response saying it had arrived back to FS and I ask that they ship it back to my new address (which I provide again). No response. I think nothing of it because they have my address and my money, why wouldn't they send it right away?

Three weeks pass. I decide to finally send a message to the staff email they provided in the last email I received. I demand my refund again, but finally receive a response within twelve hours. They say that they have sent an email to my PAYPAL address, not my current email, requesting a return shipping payment on November 1st (when they said it had arrived back to them) but received no response so did nothing. I respond immediately saying that all my emails have been from my current address and only use the other one for Paypal, and that I will not send return shipping money because I've already sent it one month ago. This was the other day.

Thankfully the person behind the staff email (Cristy, if you should ever need to email them regarding your order) seems to be a bit more fluent in English than yoitsukizuna (the main person behind FS), and she assured me that she was not told of the differences between my emails when my order information was given to her. I have been told that they are checking for the payment I sent and when they find it, my package will be shipped back (after four freaking months).

As soon as my package arrives, I will update this. In the meantime, please post your reviews regarding your customer service and the products you've received.

As for myself, up until last fall I have been very pleased with the quality of Fantasy Sheep's wigs. They are colored beautifully and are heat-resistant, and very easily styled. In more recent orders, however, I've noticed a decline in quality. Wefts are teased at the base to the point of being ratty, hair sheds like crazy, and some wigs come kinked in-bag. I'm not sure if it's because of increased business making processing crazy and disorganized, but I have not been entirely happy with recent arrivals, personally. The fibers are still soft in most wigs (unless they have been teased or do not have a skin-top), and will take dye well.

Wigs I've received, descending from least recent: (half-styled) (not styled) (styled)

Overall satisfaction: 7/10
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