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Originally Posted by Ai no Miko View Post
I'm quite curious to see if I pass the crossplay test...

First link, regular ol' me. No make up, no nothing:

Kurama(Yu Yu Hakusho) crossplay from 2008:

Then my most recent, Sebastian(Black Butler) crossplay from... well technically this month:
(Not the best of the photos, but the closest shot in the gallery).
Jeez I love Sebastian's coat. :3

For Sebby, I would try to sharpen your face just a little more. If you shade from below the cheekbones (not on them, but in the part that their shadow is) on down to the part that comes in when you suck in your cheeks between your teeth. Then also shade in your temples. With a little highlighting on the cheekbones, jawline, and any other high point (play with it on your day off and see what different effects you can get! ). Other than that, (which is honestly a nitpicky detail,) you're doing a great job!

btw, I'm not sure I explained that completely in an understandable way. If I was confusing, search f to m makeup on youtube and there are lots of great shading videos.
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