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Originally Posted by Silent Spirit View Post
The person I'm 'crossplaying' as has some exposed chest. Not a lot, but I don't think I can still pull it off. He wears armor, but it only covers the entire left side of his chest. He also has a huge belt that covers a bit of the right side of the chest, but you can obviously still be able to tell just by looking at what the armor hasn't covered up, he is a manly dude.

Even if I had and extremely flat chest, I wouldn't like the idea of going to a con without at least something to cover me. Women just don't do that, they'd be totally asking for it.

I'm new to the whole 'crossplaying' thing too, so I find this quite difficult.

I have the looks of this guy, (long face, broad shoulders, and can even make my voice like his) but I am a female with about B or C cup sized breasts. How can I get my mine to look like this guy's? I'm not talking about 'binding' with sports bras, special tape or whatever else you can use to cover it with. Like I said before, this guy is wearing armor on his left chest and a big belt, not a Vash the Stampede coat that covers the entire torso(If I'm not mistaken.)


Is there a way I can get a 'manly chest' or am I just going to have to do 'The Female Version' (Which is the last thing I want to do) of this guy?


Also: Does anyone know any online tutorials on making armor? This guy's armor is killing me, I'm quite sure I could make it if I had some tips on what material I need and if there is a specific way to mold, cut, etc. If I need to be more specific, I have a picture of this guy at the very bottom of this post.

: Sorry if this is one of those, TL;DR posts. I'm just trying to fully explain the best I can.

Here are references:
(This shows his chest, armor, and what part the belt covers.)
(Front back, and side views of this guy, just in case.)
Alright I have your problem too. I'm Cosplaying Grimmjow from Bleach. So here's how Im doing it: I took some white fabric and sewed buttons to the back then sewed some strips of the same fabric on so it looked like Bandages. I mean its not like these characters don't get hurt, right? I mean I've tried just cloth bandages but they always slip unless they are really tight and uncomfortable. However, when i made this knock off bandage top, It was loose enough to be comfortable and you really can't even tell I have boobs. I mean I'm only a B but still, it would definently minimize your chest to where it looks like your a guy with built pecs. Oh and I almost forgot, you can still wear your wonderful strapless bra.
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