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Goals to get in shape for....

Hey guys,

So I want to get in shape again. Since the skateboarding season ended back in September (Northern Alberta. Too cold to skate without serious injury) I've put on a few pounds. Not much, just enough to be noticeable. I now have a job that stops me from going to a gym, due to being out in the middle of nowhere being a Camp Attendant for a bunch of rig heads. (Oil riggers) So, my biggest goal is to get in shape so I'd look good in something as slimming as Kirito's costume from SAO.

A real waypoint for me would be to get to be able to successfully crossplay, because the major crossplays I want to attempt is Asuna, and a few others whom names have escaped my mind.

So, that being said, what would I need for a workout regiment while I'm at camp? I can't take a morning jog down the logging road, because it's a private road, and very small. One vehicle would demolish me. We also don't have a gym in this camp, so if I could get tips to begin, I'd be glad to wake up at 5 am for a half hour to 45 minute work out before I start work.

Any help would be appreciated.

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