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The link was tiny but I assume it has lots of cut outs and that is the question?

Yes and no. If you just cut holes, no matter what shape, they will spread according to the tension on the fabric and be roundish (think about holes in hose or tights. Runs tend to be square, but on a body they go round).
Which means you have a lot of sewing to stabilize the openings' shapes. Which in the post you said "last minute" which means you may not have time to do it right. Applique will be faster than cutting and stabilizing many openings, but it will still be time consuming.

Stabilizing an opening:
Cut both a facing and ( in your case a stretch) stabilizer (Pellon is a brand name that might ring a bell for you) to the same size and shape as the desired opening.
Sew right sides together with the stabilizer stacked on top of the wrong side of the facing.
Clip points and corners and turn to the inside through your opening.
Top stitch to hold facing in place.
Tack the corners of the facing in place by hand.

Here's a bunch of facings if you don't know what that is.
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