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Originally Posted by BeautifulSpirit View Post
But! They're CONTINUING the Manga! I think the new issue comes out in August!!!!! ^.^

and LostDonut, I hope we get enough people. I'd really love to get a shoot together, considering I've spent oodles of money on this cosplay o.o
SERIOUSLY???!!!!! It's been what, a year or 2 since vol 11 came out, I sorta gave up hope and just watched the anime over and over.

SO happy now!!!!! I gotta get a good wig for Krad; when I first did him I had long blond hair I need an upgrade XD

ooh, phantomthief, yes you like, own this thread!

Otakon 2011 Lineup
Jasmine You (Revenant Choir)- Friday and Saturday
Switzerland- Sunday

2011 shall be known as the year of epic j-rock cosplay!
Jasmine You~ Revenant Choir (DONE)
Hizaki~ Philia and Masquerade (Maybe....)
Reita~ Filth in the Beauty (if I have energy!)

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