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*leaps into the thread*

When Ghost cosplays Marius, I think I'm going to cosplay Armand. ^^; It just makes sense to me to cosplay them together.

I don't really have the face of a Botticelli angel, but.....XD

Immortalis' Lestat costume rocks my socks, yo.

(Ghost, you will be a beautiful, if a bit too short, Marius)

About the movie:
It was a really good story, but....who are those people!? Lestat? AHAHAH! That's a cosplayer. Not Lestat.

ANd yes, Aaliyah's costume did rock. But you know, Akasha's skin would be as pale as the marble itself. I don't think that she would be that dark, after being so old. It's even mentioned in the book....OH WAIT! THE BOOK! Right. The movie is NOTHING like the book.

But I have the soundtrack. ^^;

~~Tsuki Guujin~~
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