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Originally Posted by KusanIvy
We tried going to Anime All Night at CNA02 - but we left shortly after we got there, as we saw no point in staying.

The problem is the basement bar at the Strathcona is a long, fairly narrow room with pillars everywhere. The anime was being shown on a large screen TV at the far end of the room which was difficult to see. And because you couldn't see the bottom of the screen because of everyone's heads they had to play only dubbed versions of the anime.
Yup, its true.
If you want a good view of the anime, get their early. But I didn't find the Anime interesting at all, so it didn't bother me. Plus I had more fun watching people sing and talking to the other congoers so...

Originally Posted by Killmesarah
Well the con shuts down at 9pm right? So besides finding somewhere to eat in between, what else do OTAKU do at night? I figure there will be a TON of ppl at the Anime All night(atleast- I'm hoping). I wish the website would post more info on it.....

Also, I was gonna bring a video camera to CNA. Do you think ppl would get mad if I taped them doing Karaoke??

Well on Friday the con ends @ 9, but people ususally hang in the lobby of the Strathcona so they can get a good seat @ Anime All-Night. Saturday, the masq will be done around 9:30 (possibly), so by the time people get out they head once again to the Strathcona.

I brought my video camera to CN last year, but didn't take any video of the karaoke. At other CN events involving Karaoke in the past, I have seen a video camera or two.
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