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Originally Posted by xApocalypse View Post
I usually dont take photos when im at a con,beacuse i most of the time cosplay.
But im a photographer,And this thread is very helpful,thank you!
I also try to arrange some free time at the con to do some photoshoots with some cosplayers i already know,But i find it kinda difficult to take photos freely with a big poofy cosplay that i can hardly breathe in xD.
I wish i could do both >:

Oh and,i have a weird question.
Since im a photographer,And a cosplayer,It is very important for me that even the randomest people will have a nice shot of me.
But sometimes even the serious photographers that asks to take photos dont seem to care about how much it is important for me to give them the best shot i can,And you know its very difficult in the crowdest place in the con.So anyway,My question is...If i see someone that looks like a serious photographer and not some passerby with a cellphone cam,That asks to take my photo,How do you think they will react if i ,Myself ask to go to a diffrent location And have better shots?
I wanted to do it for a long time..but i always think its kinda rude..or idk...Is it?
What would you guys do?

Thank you!
I say that if a photographer asks you for your photo and has a problem if you ask him/her if they have a problem walking to another location then they aren't really a serious photographer. This is with exception to photographers that have booths or backdrops set up. I don't see you having a problem with any photographer not wanting to go to another location, so long as it's not a mile away. When in doubt though, it never hurts to ask.
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