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Hello people! I'm in the process of uploading my mom's pics from Saturday and my own pics from Sunday. They will be posted at . Just click on "Gallery" =3

If anyone has pics of me and/or my friends, they'd be appreciated.

Friday I was Giselle (Pink Dress) from Enchanted.

Saturday I was BeachParty!Azula from Avatar, although everyone thought I was Fire Nation Katara. I was with a BeachParty!Zuko and Fire Nation Toph, and later on a BeachParty!Ty Lee. We hung out with the Fire Show Avatar cosplayers for a bit and we had bunches of pics taken of us.

My friends were cosplaying as Ky Kiske from Guilty Gear (we had two of 'em, lol), Dante from DMC4 and Yukito from Tsubasa. He had the sweet staff that everyone seemed to compliment.

Any and ALL pics are appreciated! Once again, my photos will be posted at over the next day or so!!!
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