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Originally Posted by DireKitty View Post
Mmm yeah, looking at those images I would def go with foam.
Originally Posted by KakeraのTsuki View Post
You can also burn designs in foam with a wood burning tool or soldering iron (wood burning tool would be better in this case because it gives you more control). That way you can add more detail to your feathers.
You can? Well that makes sense. I do have a small burning tool that is used to adhere rhinestones, I suppose that will work.

What I think I will do.. looking at the images, because there are 3 layers of feathers layer 1 and 3 will be foam and layer 2 will be felt. The wings will be foam and I will try that shaping technique. I will have to experiment with adding some detail to the feathers. Since it is a more or less simple dress I think that some details may be alright but not to go overboard because it would take away from it. So I think layer 2 and 1 will have more detail progressively. Ah so much to think about. Now since we are having crazy rain I may start Hex today. I will need some flowly fabric as seen in trailer .
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