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^That's probably part of my problem, but I still have a bit of fat to grab, too. What's really strange for me is that I joined our school's running team, and despite two months of two- hour-workouts five days a week, haven't lost an ounce.

I weighed myself once every couple of days until September of last year. Then, several months later, after my first grueling workout from the bootcamp/tryout week before joining the team, I weighed myself just for fun. I had gained 10 pounds!! And since then, not a pound has left me! I understand that part of it is muscle; I can feel that in my calves. But it seems everywhere else I've only gained flab. I even measured my waist, which gained an inch D8

It's not just worrisome to my body image, but also to my athletic ability. I've noticed that the fastest girls seem to have very little fat(in a muscular, slim way, not an anorexic one) while I lug behind with belly and thigh fat holding me back.

Ideas for how I can gain muscle while destroying fat while on the team?
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