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At first, I used Grandis to keep my professional self separate from my cosplay self, especially when I was a high school teacher, and the hobby might look a little iffy to people. (conservative parents? Not sure who I mean there)

Since becoming a college prof, I sort of use my real name and my stage name interchangeably. My boss thinks that my hobby is kewl, but the Japanese people I do business with wouldn't! Still, it's easy for them to go look me up and see that I do this hobby if they want to, especially online, so I guess I'm not all that secret.

You may well want to think about the Japanese anonymity factor when you head for Worldcon 2007. In Japan, this thing we do is a fetish. Really.

In the works:

Beauxbatons Original Design from Harry Potter: Goblet of Fire: 30 percent
Sparklypoo Hogwarts Uniform from Harry Potter Universe: 20 percent
Spoor from Crest of Stars: 0 percent
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