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Of course!
Just one last thing-two actually.
First. Treat people here how you'd want to be treated. If your sweet, you get pocky! (ok maybe not.) If you're bad, you bet bannned (or Amnesia .gifs) Trolls exist, but don't mind them; you'll get used to it quick, they get amusing quick too actually.
Two. Since you're new I very much advise this. If you see a thread created by user beginning with the word Proud, PROUD, or PR0UD, avoid it. Wait until you're really used to trolls. These threads usually get shut down fast, but when they grow in length, we post pictures and have fun. If you do want to see what one of the threads look like, some of them are still up (but closed) you just have to look for them.
Other than that, I hope you have a good time on coscom
(that sounded so cheesy! :P )
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