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Hi gaiz!
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I've been planning on doing a Tohru costume for a long time, since I've got my little Kyo to pose with...can't very well take him to cons (although he'd just sleep the whole time in my arms...very obedient well behaved cat), but I was planning on finding a photographer in the area (like the kind who does senior pics) because my senior pics were paid for by my mother who wouldn't let me cosplay for them...or even wear my normal clothes for one pose. I almost bid on the Tohru costume Rogue had for sale last year, but then I had no money (college student). Hers was awesome, but I bet if I looked around I could find another one on ebay thats at least decent. I've already got enough costumes to work on to keep me busy, I just wanted to inclde my Kyo in the photoshoot. ^_^
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