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The official art (Not the concept art i posted earlier, which is really good for all it's little details, but, the colouring for Nowi I see now is different) has her with green scales and purple cape, so go with that I'd say

Unrealted to that, I posted one blurry shot of it last year, but I finally got a clear shot of my Lute cosplay (My first one too)

I'm really proud of it, it was my first cosplay, and other than shoes and wig, it all cost under $100. I've since moved onto a bigger and better challenge for a con either in July or September, and that is, Radiant Dawn Lucia. My wig arrived yesterday, and I love it, just needs a slight cut and some flick XD

I'm thinking of buying some fabric for it this week, either that or for my other cosplay (Both share a bit of fabric at least, I'm going to need LOTS of white fabric XD), just moving slow ATM while my funds recover from the con from last weekend XD
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