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Thank you! I'll have to fix it up, it's starting to fall apart, thanks to being sewn on a...reaaaaaaally old sewing machine (It's one of the cast iron ones, the first model ever built with reverse...)

For Lucia, I bought all my fabric yesterday, the ribbon, and the fabric paint, so i'm all set basically, except for jewelry (I have some sculpty, but my Mum, who loves jewelry, wants to have a shot at making it) and today was spent cutting out all the white fabric (Sans the collar, glove cuffs, belt, and the crossed over bits under her coat) I was about to start on the ribbon, but Mum told me it was time to take a break and to start sewing tomorrow XD

Because I have a derpy dog who likes to play and chew, here is my day's work haphazrdly pinned to my sewing dummy.

And looking at it, I forgot to double the side pieces because the fabric is slightly see-through...*facepalm* not pictured are the gloves, and the half tights for the boots. Tomorrow will see me fix today's derp, and then move on to sewing my ribbon for the coloured stripes up the side
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