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I have purple Miho hair (from Megatokyo).
I end up doing my hair purple and cutting it in Miho's style every now and then, but then I get fed up with having bangs and having to spend so long blowdrying and ironing my hair EVERY DAY (because my hair is curly and looks like butt in this style if I don't)...or I have to look for another job and so I dye it red.
A couple times I've been in the middle of "normal hair" and tried to do a wig or something and ended up fed up and getting the haircut and dye myself anyway.
I've had my Miho hair this time around since August. I've ended up getting SO many compliments on it out here in Pennsylvania (surprisingly!) that I've just kept it.
I had Vampire Princess Miyu hair for a while, too, but I never wore it in the sideways bun.
I love my purple hair.

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