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Name of Commissioner: Lunaladyoflight
Character commissioned: (1 WIG) Tapion Wig
Series: DragonBallZ
Links to pictures of your commissioned item:
Timeline: Less than a Month. Incredibly fast!

Describe your Experience: This is my second commission with Luna and she does NOT disappoint! She is very talented in her craft and she does some wonderful wig work with very detailed styles and really makes you envision! It's a mohawk wig, which in itself it's pretty difficult, and not a lot of people know how to style. The wig is beautiful and is one of the most professional wig jobs I have seen! She will always reply immediately to you, she will inform when the wigs arrives, and she will choose the colors with you and give you her recommendation! Not only that, she also provided me with a "Wash and Care" Instruction for the wig! Which is something rarely seen in the commissioning world! I am in love with the wig and I will definitely commission her again!

-Provides Tracking Number.
-Speedy replies
-Professional (Responsible and confident)
-Met with the due date.
-An honest commissioner and a very informative person, she will describe the process and the way the money is being used.
-Luna also let's you know when she's purchased the wig.
-Has an In-Progress page in her tumblr that updates regularly.
-She provided me with information about the wigs she was using and sent me a picture so I could see the length of the wig, pick which one I wanted, and she also provided her suggestion on which one she thought would look best with the reference pictures that I gave her.
-She's honest and told me which wigs she felt confident doing.
-Pricing is reasonable
-Sends pictures
-Notifies when the item was shipped.
-Oh and she also includes toupee clips in the wigs!

Cons: 0, NONE

Final Grade: A++++

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