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curses. Well, I have an idea! The fabric that I got was folded over - essentially, I have enough to go to my ankles. Now, in a normal situation I would be using that as the backing of the skirt, that is, my skirt will be doubly thick. However, I also have 6 feet of a white fabric, which I could use as lining. All I need to do, is cut the fabric down the center so that rather than having 6 feet, I would have 12 feet, which is, obviously, more than enough.

At this point, however, I doubt that I would have enough time to complete it before the party, seeing as I JUST got into contact with an owner of the same singer model as mine, and she has directed me toward a woman who repairs old machines. So, yay for starting to solve the mystery, but too bad not before the party.
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