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Help! I just bought a sewing machine, and i set it up and am learning for the first time. I live with my father, and brother both of which have never used a sewing machine before. So I need you guys! It's a Kenmore, the box says 15758 but i'm not sure because I can't find anything on it online. Anyway, the problem is when I press the foot pedal, all that happens is the bobbin winder spins, and I can't figure out how to switch it to start actually moving the needle when I press my foot down. -.-...

I feel really silly, but I'm scouring the manual trying to understand what to do. It says something about pressing the 'turn wheel' thing on the side in to "engage" the machine, which I do, but nothing happens? I've also tried pressing the bobbin winder onto the locked position and still, all I hear is the sound of it trying to spin somewhere inside, lol.

Sorry, I didn't know where else to ask ; ;!
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