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Originally Posted by The_Ninja View Post
Have you tried calling the store? Sometimes they can help you. When I got my machine, it was, regrettably, defective, and when I called about it they first walked me through a bunch of steps to try to find the problem, and then told me to bring it in and exchange it...a person there will likely be more familiar with the machine than we will, so they might know better what to do. ^^;
Thanks, I appreciate it both of you.

I think it may be defective because I"m pressing the knob inside the turn wheel like you described OurLadyC and, according to the manual it seems to be supposedly changing to sewing, but it's not.

I'll call the store like you suggest. I'm just panicky because as a newbie to sewing I keep wondering if I'm doing something wrong, or if it's really the machines fault. Hah ^^;

Last night, I was so confused trying to learn how to get everything up until I discovered that the bobbin case was missing, so!
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