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@CrazyKits, I'm very happy with my 76 year old Singer 15-91. :B It needed some love to be fixed up to running order - but now that it's in perfect order, I wouldn't take anything else.

It was the first sewing machine I've ever bought - previously used my mother's. I got it because I wanted a metal one, not one with plastic gears. :/

This machine should last pretty much forever - and it can sew just about anything, including leather.

I only wish I could (easily) hook a treadle up to it for special times of need.

@rchcc122, COMPLETELY inaccurate ? You don't NEED an overlock machine unless you're working with easy-to-ravel knits.

There are ways to make a blind hem on a regular machine and by hand. Even my ancient machine has blind hem / button hole / etc attachments that can be bought for it - most modern machines simply come with this built in.

I see absolutely no need to own two machines in order to make a shirt or any other basic garment.

Unless a person for some reason bought an overlock machine with absolutely no clue what they were buying and then realised they needed a "regular" machine to perform the usual basic functions.

A "regular" machine is really all you need for most basic and advanced garments.

"Industrial" machines are overkill - if you have an extra couple hundred-thousand dollars to spend on a blind-hemmer - sure, it might help, but it's by no means necessary or all THAT helpful for a hobbyist.
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