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Originally Posted by darkangelxX447 View Post
I had a question about my contacts.

I recently bought some online, but I didn't get my eyes measured at a doctor for them. I dont have health insurance right now so I didn't want to fork out $100+ to see a doctor.

Is there any warning signs I should look out for? I heard that if they dont fit they can damage your eyes. I dont plan on wearing them for long, probably like 3-4 hours at the con.

It says they last a year, so they aren't cheaper disposable ones. When I checked out they only came in one size, the only thing you could choose was the power.

I haven't even tried them on yet cause I am worried about it.
Generally, if the lenses are too loose, it will feel uncomfortable, difficult to place into your eye, and/or slide away when you blink. You should be able to wear it for at least eight hours, but if your eye starts to dry before that time's up, it might be too loose. If it's too tight, it will actually feel comfortable at first, but look out for something like a red ring around your iris. Plus, any stings/burns, during and after.

Although, if the lenses aren't soaked/cleaned properly, you can have problems with early dryness, even if the lenses are a perfect fit. Rewetting drops are the solution there, but that's only if the lenses match the size of your iris.

Sooo, bottom line is: lenses being too tight is far more dangerous than the reverse (especially with its deceptive comfortableness at first!), and I can't emphasize enough on how closely you should keep an eye out for any pain. (No pun intended!) Anything else is something only an optometrist would really know, but if money is tight, then that's all I can suggest. I would personally recommend not wearing them until an optometrist can measure your eye, since, well, too small and you could accidentally scratch the eyeball. Too big, and you could suffocate it, amongst other, horrifying possibilities. But yeah, that's my two cents.

The first few posts in this thread are also chock full of helpful information, if you want to know more?

Originally Posted by Seraphim Nessa View Post
Contact questions....

One do you need to know the measurements of the eyes? Because like someone already metioned I have no insurance and can't pay the amount.

Two... any one buy contacts from

Also to know if your satified with them?

Thank you.
I haven't bought any from that site, but I can answer that first question!

Technically speaking, you don't need to know the measurements of your eye to insert your contact lenses. But if you want your contact lenses inserted without posing any risk for damage to your eye, then yes, you'll need it.

But, um...just refer to my previous answer, and hopefully, that will explain everything?
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