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Originally Posted by LoliLovely View Post
You have perfect little teenage girl boobs, you sit on a throne of lies!

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You guise and your big bubbies

Serious face dood. Tits all over.

So I am not sure if I am completely insane.
The way I see myself in the mirror confuses me, I am not sure if I am seeing myself as I really am or as the world tells me I should.

A size medium skirt from the Jr department is not 'fat' clothes, a size medium top that's too baggy is not a 'fat' shirt. When I lay down I feel the bones of my hips against the floor through 3 thick winter comforters, I can wrap my fingers around my fucking wrists. When a size medium cardigan from a store notorious for sizing down their clothing is baggy on me that would indicate I am not 'fat'.

I may be bigger then I was not too long ago, but does that make me 'fat'? Why do I see myself a certain way when different indicators are telling me it's not necessarily fact?

I can't tell if I am seeing myself as I truly am when I look at my own image, or if I am seeing myself as I am told I should be...

(For the record, I am not saying it would be bad if I was fat. Just contemplating on what I am seeing in myself versus what may be a different reality. )
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