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I understand what you're asking, I just don't see why you think it's so important. It's more of an oddity to find a convention without sponsors than the reverse. Why are you so worried about it in this case? Even if AMē was getting all or most its funding from sponsorships (we aren't), that still wouldn't necessarily be a problem. If you're concerned about sponsors dictating policy, then just look at our policies and see if anything looks out of place.

I can tell you now that you won't find anything. I was the one who wrote the Code of Conduct and Weapons Policy (with help from other staff), and so I know firsthand that nothing went in that we didn't come up with ourselves. Also, as part of the review process it was compared against the policies of other anime cons. One of the main reasons for this was to make sure things were similar enough that attendees who already knew AX/Otakon/Sakuracon/etc wouldn't have to relearn everything. My point is that there are no weird rules that stand out from other cons, we specifically checked for that ourselves.

Remember, our goal is to get new people in, and our best way of doing that is word of mouth. A lot of what we're doing is geared toward making it easier for a fan to convince non-fan friends to give it a try. Building our policies so that fan will already be familiar with them is just one more part of that.
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