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Originally Posted by Jr. View Post
That is what we call stating a fact I don't know about you but I was at AX 2000 and saw it happen.
Originally Posted by Jr. View Post
That is understandable but companies have been known to ruin things they don't understand example is AX 2000 where they held it at the disneyland hotel area turned out to be a big mistake when after the 1st day they asserted there control over what the con can and can't do.
Um, those are NOT facts. I was a staffer in 2000.

Disney was not a sponsor. They only thing they did was have us remove hentai from the dealers hall because some idiot vendor sold it to a minor. If that never happened then Disney would have done NOTHING. I don't blame them for that. There were no so called "Disney rules". As with all Disney properties, they don't allow people dressed as their characters so non attendees wouldn't get confused and think that those cosplayers and their behavior reflected on them. So don't act like you knew. Just because you may have been an attendee during that time doesn't mean you were privy to any inside information.
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