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I'm going to be Takashi Morinozuka (Mori Senpai) from OHSHC on Friday, and then I am trying to decide which days I will be Belarus and Iceland, both from Hetalia.
~Plus Size ~

Past Cosplays:
~Marceline (Adventure Time) AWA 2013
~DTK (Soul Eater) MomoCon 2017
~Italy (Hetalia) MomoCon 2017
~Casual Russia (Hetalia) MomoCon 2017

Current Cosplays:
~Belarus (Hetalia)
~Iceland (Hetalia)
~Takashi Morinozuka (OHSHC)

Future Cosplays I want to do(so far):
~Denmark (Hetalia)
~Reg. Russia (Hetalia)
~France (Hetalia)
~Franken Stein (Soul Eater)
~Viktor Nikiforov (Yuri!!! on Ice)
~Yurri Katsuki (Yuri!!! on Ice)
*More to come *
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