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Originally Posted by Kokoro Hane View Post
It looks like I might not be able to go to Conji after all, due to my relative's work schedule. The only way around it would be if I could understand the San Diego transit since it is still so close by. I have no problems with buses and trolleys, since I take buses here all the time, but when you're unfamiliar with a transit system you could get very lost...

I am still keeping hope, because if I can figure out the transit, I might still go, and maybe this time for 2 days if all goes well (so maybe I can even debut my Hajime from Hamatora). Another option is if I can convince my auntie to come with my brother and I XD
oh but you must go~ I'll be taking the trolley and bus as well to get there, I'll just message you back and explain everything

and on another note, my Chiaki Nanami wig should be here tomorrow so hopefully it's the right one this time! And I may actually be bringing my Crimson Cravat!Mikasa cosplay! I really hope so cause I love it so much and all my friends really wanna see it xD

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