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Old west and Victorian clothing accented with gears and copper steam tech pieces is what you're looking for. The age is irrelevant unless you are under like 10. In the "Steampunk" type stories and art I've seen 13 year old are regularly pressed into service, think child miners. Just do a Google image search and get yourself some inspiration. Also check out they have some really good tut's on steampunk stuff, and will have tons of inspirational stuff for you. Also a "aviator" style leather helmet, you can make one from an old purse from a thrift store, there is a tut somewhere. And don't forget the goggles and either a tool belt or leather/canvas apron full of pockets stuffed with "tools" (make em up, a thin brass tube with a strange coil of wire on top is a "quantum tuner" for a "crystal drive unit") the thing with steampunk is that unless you are following a specific guideline imagination is key. Oh and if you're a mechanics assistant a Giant monkey wrench is key.

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