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Heya~ Cosplay Cyborg here!

I'm running a panel at 10 AM on Saturday featuring mini-skits from the series Hetalia: Axis Powers and we would really be grateful to anyone kind enough to bring their cameras to take pictures and video at our event. We are also desperately searching for someone who wouldn't mind filming the panel from start to finish so that we can watch the show again and again. Any and all photogs would be wonderful~ Oh, and fans too!

We'll show up for the Sunday shoot to take pictures of everybody else (and each other lol) in return, or at the very least I will. I'll probably be there for Friday's shoot as well, most likely as a character from YuGiOh. Not sure whether it'll be Mokuba or Syrus right now, though. And Saturday night for Masquerade I'll be Gijinka Raichu (I'd appreciate it if someone filmed my performance then too) and also probably for whatever night-time events are going on.

Thank you!

- Cy
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