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Wig Brand/Shop Review: Classe

Name of Merchant: Classe
Website: *Japan only
Items ordered: Hope Estheim character wig
Links to picture(s) of your items recieved: full album here

Timeline (how long your order took to process): The order was placed through otamap and took about one week to process even with some restocking issues. Shipping was within Japan.

My partner and I needed wigs for Vanille and Hope and Classe had two character wigs that looked pretty much perfect. I've never gotten a "pre-styled" character wig before, so I wasn't sure quite what to expect... but the colors were spot-on (with two different choices for Vanille to boot) so we went for it through Otamap, our usual cosplay shop portal.

It arrived packed with my Vellsus order (for a Howl wig) and was packed in a carrying case, wrapped in a wig net and stuffed with a good amount of firmly-packed tissue paper with Classe tags attatched. It also came with a free peach wig cap, an extra hairnet and a heavy-duty plastic storage bag.

Pros: All of the difficult bits of cutting and styling have been pre-done. The back is accurate, the bangs are more or less finished and the sides can be cut to frame any face by way of customization. All that really needs doing in terms of cutting is a slight trim to the bangs and cutting the sideburns to fit my own jaw.

The 4,400 yen asking price is about on par with an unstyled wig from prichara or another of the mid-range dealers... and is exactly the same price as Charas' character wig for the same character (which I had also considered) but which seems far too white and a bit long in comparison.

Shipping was free (since it was a combined order through otamap) and the carrying case is a great bonus.

Cons: None really. I dig the wig and it's perfect for the character.

Final Comments: This is my second Classe wig and my first pre-styled from any wig dealer. On the whole I'm quite impressed with it. While it isn't ready-to-wear, the color and cut are spot-on for the character and all of the additional styling is self-explanatory to anyone with even a little experience with wigs. A trim on the sides, bangs and a bit of wax will make this a perfect Hope wig.

Final Grade: 10
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