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Since I have a few Classe wigs, I thought I'd add some photos and my viewpoints on them:

I used my credit card and forwarding service to order from their website. Shipping within Japan was free and very fast. My forwarding address got the package literally the next day.

I love how the fiber quality is very high. You get what you paid for~ The heat-resistant fiber is same as Cyperous (I do own a Cyperous wig). Compared to other wigs I own, Classe's fiber is more strong and silky, and it holds curls very well even after brushing. One big advantage of this fiber over other types is that it has virtually no shine under flash! (other types of fiber fails in comparison *nodnod*) Even under artificial light which makes most fiber looks like plastic, Classe's fiber looks like real hair. Fiber volume is very high which makes their wigs quiet heavy.

Cosmode review says that Classe's base cap is large compared to other Japanese brands, and I have no problem putting it on. However, it's not as elastic as some of my other crappy wigs. It's more...rigid. One sign of the high base cap quality is the added reinforcement net on the side, which keeps your own hair from appearing like odd bumps under the wig. Cheap wigs usually don't have this feature.

On to the pictures:

Classe's Packaging

Details of wig cap

80cm curly hair in BK02: me wearing it front and back view

45cm straight hair and 110cm jaw clip in YB05: styled as Nanoha and me wearing it

character wig for Lelouch: how it looks like under natural light
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