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Originally Posted by PuyoDa View Post
Is the gallery view we had before gone? I know that I can get to a gallery by clicking on a photo, then the gallery link, then see the gallery list on the right side, but it's very inconvenient =/ It'd be nice if the gallery list was next to the All Photos view too.

(I do like the new look of the photo pages though )
Originally Posted by Hee-Hee View Post
This this this.

I work hard to be super organized in my albums, but it's so difficult to GET to albums now. And the images you see when clicking another aren't from the same album, they're just in order that they've been uploaded. This makes all the trouble of organizing things pointless, because most users aren't going to want to go through the trouble of clicking over and over to get to your different galleries. Just a Photo Albums link on the main profiles page would be a big help! I'd hate to try and look at one particular costume by browsing through pages and pages on All Photos!
Originally Posted by Viveeh View Post
Amen. I hope they change this.

I wonder what's up though, the update is two weeks late?
Originally Posted by PuyoDa View Post
We've already mentioned that we know how to get to the gallery list, but that doesn't mean it's easy to get to, and it may not be obvious to people who visit our profile page.

For example, I see that several users went to the same con I did. I want to see if they have a gallery for it. Does it really make sense that for every profile I visit, I have to click on Photos, then a random photo, then click on that gallery, before I can access their full gallery list? I'd really like to see that full Gallery list on the side of the All Photos view. That way, it's easy to access and can be seen quickly.
Originally Posted by Hee-Hee View Post
Thanks very much! But like PuyoDa said, I do know the long way around to get to galleries, but it's just not the same. Seeing a text list of the galleries is far different than seeing thumbnails, in my opinion, as the latter always caught the user's interest and promoted browsing. Frankly I don't even like looking through my own galleries with this other way!
Originally Posted by Gwydion View Post
Ditto all of this. I really liked being able to quickly and easily navigate the albums, as well as see the info at the bottom of the thumbnail. It seems odd to have albums when it's so difficult to even find them - at first I thought they had gotten rid of albums altogether! I hope this is something that can be addressed.
These. So much.

If it wouldn't be such a pain in the patoot to have to re-upload everything to another site, I would. And if I wasn't so "established" here, I'd just upload all my "new" (read: yet-to-be uploaded pics of varying ages) elsewhere, too.
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